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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portland Food Cart Table

The food cart table was built off of my first infographic. The idea of the coffee table came from were one would typicaly eat take out food at home, and as a nice answer to "hummm where should I/we eat lunch today?" That and I thought it would look really cool as a coffee table.

here are some pics I took along the way:

ply wood with the corners cut for the legs and the holes for the dowels CNC-ed
the dowels sanded and tapered to fit in to the holes
the dowels put in to the plywood
with the glass on top

In full Table-y glory
and a side view

....... ok ok so it is not completely finished... but you thought it was!!!! still have structural issues with the legs and I have to paint the ends of the dowels and stain the wood.... but not a bad go for only my second attempt at a piece of furniture in my whole life.....

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