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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pill-Box Infographic Sculpture

White Stag "Side Effects"

This project was inspired by my experiences thus far in school at the White Stag building. Since it as a separate program carries a considerable amount of mythology about it, I thought it would be fitting to produce a piece based on the White Stag facade, that cast a spotlight on the unexpected realities of the program in spite of the expectations often associated with it. Along with the prescribed purpose of a particular method, remedy, institution, et al, there are often unintended side effects. This thought informed my use of the construction reminiscent of a pill box, with laser-cut acrylic icons take the place of different types of medication. These icons are supplements to the descriptions engraved on the front of each of the cells, all of which are designed to further emphasize their quantitative elements. Along with the prescribed purpose of 

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