Student Project

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portland Camera Locations

This project locates surveillance cameras around Portland Oregon. The camera categories include Federal, Trimet, Traffic, Highway and Private cameras. It also shows and highlights various routes you can take in order to avoid being seen; also routes that you can always be seen from.

What makes this project unique is the interactivity and control the user has. The users control extends past the general off and on commands and reaches a true user defined infographic. By supplying over 40 buttons on the application you can focus in your interests and create a categories relevant to you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally. brians Congestion infographic

Congestion Tax Infograph

after seeing many sunrises it finally works. its a bit pixelated as i have not mastered the compression factors between programs. so the cloud represents clean nice air, where when you click on a city, the cloud mutilates into an oily toxic stained jagged structure. and then data animates out. thats pretty much it. the bar graph next to the cities was an attempt at trying to give the viewer a total representation of the data. to get a better visual picture of how they all compare to eachother. i think next time ill foucus more on the visual representation of the data, rather than an "artsy" approach. i think just more of a straight forward look with all the data showing at the same time would be nice. but im glad i suffered through this to figure out how to get it to work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pill-Box Infographic Sculpture

White Stag "Side Effects"

This project was inspired by my experiences thus far in school at the White Stag building. Since it as a separate program carries a considerable amount of mythology about it, I thought it would be fitting to produce a piece based on the White Stag facade, that cast a spotlight on the unexpected realities of the program in spite of the expectations often associated with it. Along with the prescribed purpose of a particular method, remedy, institution, et al, there are often unintended side effects. This thought informed my use of the construction reminiscent of a pill box, with laser-cut acrylic icons take the place of different types of medication. These icons are supplements to the descriptions engraved on the front of each of the cells, all of which are designed to further emphasize their quantitative elements. Along with the prescribed purpose of 

Updated Infographic

Here is an updated version of my original infographic showcasing details of Portland's markets for both veganism and carnivorial gastronomy. The Portland food scene is considered to be at the forefront of both the vegan and the meat-centric culinary movements. I found the coexistence of these two powerful presences to be worth investigating.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portland Food Cart Table

The food cart table was built off of my first infographic. The idea of the coffee table came from were one would typicaly eat take out food at home, and as a nice answer to "hummm where should I/we eat lunch today?" That and I thought it would look really cool as a coffee table.

here are some pics I took along the way:

ply wood with the corners cut for the legs and the holes for the dowels CNC-ed
the dowels sanded and tapered to fit in to the holes
the dowels put in to the plywood
with the glass on top

In full Table-y glory
and a side view

....... ok ok so it is not completely finished... but you thought it was!!!! still have structural issues with the legs and I have to paint the ends of the dowels and stain the wood.... but not a bad go for only my second attempt at a piece of furniture in my whole life.....